The CRCA was founded by Brian Schwartz and Dave Miller in 2005 with the intent of benefiting the sport of robot combat by providing a new Midwest venue for insect class builders. This became especially important as the Central Illinois Robotics Club began downsizing their robot combat competition.

The CRCA’s founder, Brian Schwartz, has been deeply involved in robotic competitions for more than eight years. He has advised robotics construction at Glenbrook North High School near Chicago, assisting teams in the building of insect class robots in hopes of creating a competition for lighter weight ‘bots. With that goal in mind, the CRCA built one of the highest-quality insect class arenas available anywhere.

CRCA cofounder Dave Miller has competed for the past three years in robotics competitions, and is a machinist technology and CAD/CAM instructor. Alongside Brian, he has assisted running and organizing robotic combat events for several years.

As completion of the arena neared, the CRCA began assessing the possibilities for creating its own combat event. With time constraints and difficulty finding a venue in which to hold such events, the CRCA decided at the time to focus on its work with the Glenbrook North robotics program.

After helping run the ant- and beetle-weight classes in its state-of-the-art arena, at the Minnesota Twin Cities Mechwars 8, 9, and 10 in 2005–2007, the CRCA was contacted by the Chicago Area Robotics Group (ChiBots) in early 2007 with the proposition of bringing robot combat to their annual event held at the Hobby Manufacturers Association’s iHobby Expo in Rosemont, Illinois. It was an opportunity too good to pass up.

The CRCA jumped at the chance to hold a robotics competition at such an amazing venue. Now with its newly formed partnerships with ChiBots, the Hobby Manufacturers Association, and the Synergy Robotic Entertainment Group, the CRCA has resumed and expanded on its goal of establishing a high quality robotic combat event in the Midwest—not only for insect weight classes, but also for the entire range of robotic combat contestants.

We are now proud to announce our new event Mecha-Mayhem!


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