Sponsorship Information for Mecha-Mayhem

Becoming a sponsor of the CRCA’s Mecha-Mayhem 2008 has many upsides, but several aspects shine brightest for our corporate supporters:

• Exposure and recognition, both to an untapped consumer base and to local, national, and international audiences. With t-shirts, signage, banners, and other branding media, your company will become part of the Mecha-Mayhem phenomenon. Your company’s logo and identity will be shown on our advertising, as well as news images and TV coverage of the event—a marketing benefit that far exceeds the cost of even the highest level of sponsorship.

• When you sponsor a CRCA event, it helps promote and legitimize competitive robotics and technology-based competitions. This will help draw eager young minds to the sport and encourage them to continue their academic pursuits. It provides them with role models other than distant professional athletes, and inspires their interest in endeavors and careers in the sciences, engineering, and technology.

• Even more importantly, your sponsorship donation allows competitors of all ages, engineers, and inventors to pursue their passion for this exciting activity. Participation in robotics competition costs much more than most sports: competitors design, build, and perfect their robots constantly, often pouring thousands of dollars of their time and resources into each event. Competitors also pay for their own travel, and must repair or rebuild their creations after each competition. Your generosity will allow us to provide prizes and funding for our competitors, and to help promote the sport among novices and students eager to join their heroes as robot engineers themselves!

Robotic competitions, especially the dynamic combat events, have been covered around the world. Many news agencies, networks, and publications report on these events, which provides fantastic exposure for your company. Even more, you will be helping grow an amazing opportunity for social and educational development among the fans and enthusiasts of competitive robotics.

There are many ways to become involved in sponsoring the CRCA. All levels include considerable presence in the Mecha-Mayhem 2008’s promotional materials, from highly visible signs, online advertising, sponsorship announcements during the event, and media information releases. The higher-level packages, Gold and Titanium, are targeted towards corporate sponsors and their marketing objectives, but we are more than amenable to customizing our packages to meet your needs.


Sponsors Levels:

Titanium Sponsor—Over $5,000 donation

Gold Sponsor—$2,000–$5,000 donation

Steel Sponsor—$250–$1,999 donation

Prize Sponsor—Goods donation


For more information about sponsoring Mecha-Mayhem please see our complete sponsorship kit, or feel free to contact us.


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