Our first annual Mecha-Mayhem was held on Oct. 20th & 21st, 2007 at the iHobby Expo in Rosemont, IL.  Because of some uncertainties in with our first event we decided to start of small.  In the end we put on 5 shows each day consisting of demonstrations alongside an ant weight tournament.  Charles Arnold and Deb Holmes of Synergy Robotic Entertainment brought they're 12' x 12' arena along with a number of the top 12 and 15 pound bots in the country, as well as their fire breathing Draco.  The shows alternated between the large bots in the Synergy arena and the small bots in the CRCA arena, and ended with a spectacular display by one of our two 220lb heavy weights in attendance, Suspect Device and REDRUM.

Every show was packed as deep as could possibly be around the arenas.  We even got complaints from the flying competition that we were stealing their audience.  The iHobby show staff and exhibitors were also quite impressed with our event, and we have been invited back to put on a full competition October 16th - 21st 2008.

Antweight Competition

The antweight tournament had 6 bots and was held as a modified double elimination tournament.  Combat was held in the CRCA 8' x 8' arena and was a real crowd pleaser.  The tournament results are as follows:

1st  ANTI
2nd  Micro Vice
3rd  Snoopy Bot

The full bracket can be found here: Mecha-Mayhem 2007 Ant Bracket.doc


Heavy Weight Demos

Description Size
REDRUM's 1st Demo 7.18 MB
REDRUM's 2st Demo 17.0 MB
REDRUM's 3st Demo 9.49 MB

Sublight Demos

Description Size


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